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Dwaine Armentrout



Jennifer Harley

Vice Chair


Kori Cummings


 “I choose to commit my time to the Boaz Project because I love their mission.  I can’t think of anything more valuable than caring for orphans.  I love the house parent model, and I think it’s so beneficial for the children.  The Boaz Project does a phenomenal job of training house parents, which ensures that more than just the physical needs of the children are met.  These kids have the chance to grow up knowing they are loved and valued.  If there’s a worthier cause to spend my time on, I haven’t found it yet.”

Jennifer Caister


 “God has planted in my heart a desire to reach orphans around the world so that they might know they were created with intention and purpose by a God who loves them.  The Boaz Project is effectively making this happen and actively continues to seek the Lord’s guidance for their organization.  Jim and April Jurgensen are passionate and educated about their work and it is a privilege to partner with them in this endeavor.

Amy Potter