It wasn’t necessarily the path we would have chosen. Some days, we long for an easier route.

But throughout the history of The Boaz Project, God has continually lead us to children in hard places.

Oh, we’d love to take you to visit orphans closer to home. A short flight to the Caribbean, for example, sounds much more inviting than the stretch to India.

We’d like to take you somewhere where we can guarantee you entrance to the orphanage we planned on. It would make our lives much simpler. But God has lead us to places where the political atmosphere has changed our plans mid-stream more than once.

It would be fun to go only to locations where the children are always smiling, too. It wouldn’t push the comfort zone quite so hard.

But what would happen if every organization decided to make those its criteria? Millions of children in dire need would never get the respite they need from the tragedies of daily life. There would be no light shed in those dark places. We wouldn’t learn and grow the way we do from interacting with children from hard places.

Make no mistake. We work diligently to assure that our team members have fabulous leaders. We pride ourselves in providing good training that guides you through your experience. And we try to care for every logistical detail.

Yet, the thing that may make us the most different from a lot of other organizations is the children God has lead us to serve.

It won’t necessarily be easy. But it will be worth it!



When You Just Can’t Go

We’re hoping this week’s posts have gotten you fired up and ready to visit precious orphans with us on one of our 2017 teams. If so, visit and sign up today!

But we know that not everyone can go. Sometimes, illness, work or family obligations just make travel in a particular year impossible.

That doesn’t have to stop you from being part of reaching a child with Christ’s love in a tangible way! By making a donation to the Sandra Jurgensen Memorial Fund, you can help offset the costs of a trip, enabling someone else who’s willing and able to go love on orphans!

Once a candidate has passed our screening process to be accepted as a team member, you can be sure your proxy will do a great job, passing along your nurture and attention from afar.

So, send your delegate to play, pray and spend time with an orphan when you send the enclosed card back to The Boaz Project with your donation or go online and donate at

On behalf of orphans, thank you!



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