In two months, on May 18th, Joelle and I will start the long journey to India. Instead of returning to America after a week, we will stay in India for about a year.  India will become our home.


We have our water filters.

We have most of our funding in.

We have a fantastic traveling doctor that is helping us with immunizations and other tips to stay healthy.

We have our mosquito nets.

We have prayer warriors.

And we have a confidence that even though this may sound crazy to some,
that God is faithfully leading us.

IMG_0291David running with the windmill he just made.

But that does not mean that this is easy.  I am nervous about the language barrier, the safety issues, the food, the cultural differences, the bacteria in the food and water, the mosquitos, and teaching for the first time. I’m not naïve. I understand the risks.  But I refuse to live in fear. Especially when I believe that God is in this.

Obeying God does not mean life will be easy or perfect.  I am anticipating this next year to be very challenging.  However, as I see an orphan girl recognize her beauty and worth in Jesus Christ, it will be worth it.  As I hear a little boy realize he has potential as he says his first grammatically correct sentence in English, it will be worth it.

girl praying

When I think of what Jesus did for us – leaving PARADISE to come to earth for 30 plus years and then being crucified for our sins – this is nothing!  He chose to dwell among us (John 1:14), and I choose to dwell among these children who desperately need to hear truth.  And the truth is that they are special and that this is not a sacrifice for me.  It is a blessing!

Not to us, but to HIS Name be the glory!