The second largest country in Europe, Ukraine is known for its plentiful sunflowers, elaborate embroidery, friendly people, and fresh baked bread. It is a land still steeped in its unique traditions, language, and dress. The varied landscape of Ukraine–its mountains, forests, and sea–beautify every day.


Sadly, Ukraine is also home to more than 70,000 orphans, and the war with Russia is producing more daily. About half of these children live in state-run orphanages and lack the individual attention little ones crave.
The Boaz Project partners with local Christians in Ukraine to provide basic necessities, friendship, and Bible lessons to orphaned and abandoned children in institutions.

Our first home, NB is a government-run institution for 80 orphaned and abandoned girls with special needs. Our financial assistance has improved living conditions for these girls, and the visits from our partners are highlights for them.

The Joy Transition home invites young people who have graduated from Ukraine’s state-run orphanages into a safe and loving environment where they can learn life skills and gain independence. Because it is run by a Christian woman who once lived in an orphanage, the residents feel understood and inspired. These young men and women leave their institutions around age 15, but have never had exposure to experiences many of us take for granted, from learning to cook to opening a bank account. Often, orphanage graduates request a place in this home, where they know they are loved. 

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Our third home is Orphanage R. Orphanage R is home to 125 special needs boys, most of whom were completely abandoned due to their conditions. Though they have living parents, they don’t receive visitors or even letters.

The orphanage struggles to care appropriately for the boys, given the few caretakers the state provides. Just one “nanny” per 20 boys is insufficient, given the kind of care they require. Many are non-verbal, some cannot feed themselves.

By sponsoring orphanage R, we will enable this institution to hire additional caregivers and ensure the boys receive the attention they desperately need.

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Our fourth home is Orphanage K. Orphanage K is home to 90 children, many of whom have special needs. Though most of them have living parents, they live in the orphanage because they’ve been abandoned due to their conditions or removed from their homes because of parents who struggle with addictions.

The director of this orphanage is a kind man who sincerely wants the best for the children. Our Ukrainian partners have been witnessing to him for several years, and he has become increasingly open to the gospel.

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