From the day Russia invaded Ukraine, the Boaz family began asking how we could help the victims. As stories of children newly orphaned by the war made their ways onto our TV screens, we knew we had to help. When we learned that orphanages could not evacuate their dangerous locations, the need became urgent.

Sadly, Ukraine was home to more than 70,000 orphans before the war began. About half of these children live in state-run orphanages and lack the individual attention little ones crave. Now, this number grows daily.

God has provided amazing Ukrainian partners for us, Christians who provide basic necessities, friendship, and Bible lessons to orphaned and abandoned children. Through our partnership, they now have the humanitarian aid and training they need to extend their reach.

Already, we have been able to support a home for 80 special needs girls and a home which invites young people who have graduated from Ukraine’s state-run orphanages into a safe and loving environment where they can learn life skills and gain independence.

We have also begun work in what we’ll call Orphanage R, a home to 125 special needs boys who were abandoned due to their conditions. Many are non-verbal; some cannot feed themselves. The orphanage struggles to care for the boys, given the few caretakers the state provides. Just one “nanny” per 20 boys is insufficient, given the kind of care they require.

By sponsoring Orphanage R, we will enable this institution to hire additional caregivers and ensure the boys receive the attention they desperately need. We have obtained funds to support Orphanage R for a short-term, but long-term support is still needed.

You can support this work by making a monthly pledge at