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Last updated: August 22, 2023

August 22, 2023

Hi! Thank you for supporting our amazing caregivers in Russia. Please enjoy this update from Nastya:


1. What I like most about working in an orphanage is contact with children, being in a relationship with them, getting to know them, watching them (especially when I see changes for the better).

2. Updates from July:
– I found a mentor for a girl from Lukhtonovo and they met.
– 3 children (1 from Lukhtonovo, 2 from Pokrov) were taken by the mentors for a short time to their home, to visit.
– Since the mentors began to take children on outings, the local guardianship department caught wind of what we were doing. They have not stopped us and I hope to develop relationships with them. Please pray that we will see how much good we are doing. 
– One volunteer took responsibility for taking care of two children who were in an orphanage and are now in a dysfunctional family
– There was a Bible quiz in the orphanage and the children answered all the questions.
– The director of the orphanage in Lukhtonovo is very communicative and friendly with us. She is very happy that we come to visit the children and even wants to consult with us about them.

Spotlight on Arthur

Age: 7
Arthur has been in the orphanage for 2 years. When he arrived at the orphanage, he did not speak at all, and it seemed that he had some serious developmental delays. However, over time, a miracle happened and he slowly began to talk. He also started to show his intelligence in other ways, such as completing complex puzzles. It was clear that he was actively developing. Everyone was very surprised and happy. He is not so easy to understand, but he tries very hard. He hears the Bible almost every week and understands and remembers a lot. He is very happy and active. Pray for him that he will continue to develop and that he will come to God. 
Prayer Requests
– For us: for volunteers to be added so that we can take good care of the children we know, both in the orphanage and those who were taken away from it
– For the children: that they have a good atmosphere in the orphanage and families, that they are protected from any violence, and that they become closer to God
– For the country: so that in Russia there are more people willing to help different people, so that people want to do good deeds, and for peace
May 30, 2023
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your continued support. Please enjoy Nastya’s update below:
– We were able to see Jasmin, a child who was raised in VCH and recently went home to be with her mother. We had a good time with her and talked about God’s work in her life.
– We were able to talk to two other children who have gone home to their parents. They want to stay in contact with us and their parents have allowed it.
– 2 more children got mentors.
– We conducted an Easter quest in one group.
– We went to another orphanage to see a girl who used to live in VCH.
– We started using more practical applications in our Bible lessons and the children have responded well. The last time we studied how to respond to evil with good.

Spotlight on Nastya

Pictured on the right
Age: 13 
She was adopted as a child, but now her adoptive mother has decided to abandon her for reasons unknown to me. She is very calm and kind. She is close to her teachers and loves to knit. She is the oldest in the orphanage and gets very bored because there isn’t anyone on her level. Please pray that her mother will change her mind and also that she will come to God.

– For us: For all the volunteers to continue to be passionate about the project and for the children to find community with the volunteers and other believing friends. 
– For the children: For their mental health and that they will come to know Christ
– For Russia: For peace and for directors of orphanages to understand what is good for children

February 15, 2023

Thank you for your support! Please enjoy Nastya’s update below:

We did a Christmas program in four different orphanages. We have been invited back to two for Easter already. We got the children stuffed animals with blankets inside for their gifts and one girl who had always wanted a unicorn got a unicorn toy by accident. She was so excited.

Ilya and Jasmin have both gone home to their mothers. We are praying that this will be good for Ilya. He has not been stealing, which is an answer to prayers. Jasmin has stayed in contact with the Boaz volunteers, which is great news.
This month, we came up with a way for the volunteers to participate more fully. I realized that if every volunteer has at least a small responsibility, they participate with more joy.  We also decided to have more emphasis on practical applications for the Bible lessons that we have had previously.
I am very encouraged by our team of volunteers. They are kind, enthusiastic, and lovely with the children. The orphanage workers speak well of our volunteers.
Spotlight on Vladimir
Vladimir has two brothers. He is calm, diligent, thoughtful, and participates in discussions. However, he has been going through a hard time recently. He started
stealing and ran away from the orphanage. He has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital for help. The volunteers are concerned for him.
Prayer Requests
For us – That we will be able to go back into the other area orphanages.
For the kids – For Ilya and Jasmin, and that our programs will draw the kids to a forever relationship with Christ
For Russia -To develop a better orphan care system, that includes fostering and mentoring, and to provide more social support so that fewer people are in crisis

November 28, 2022

Thank you so much for your support of Nastya and the kids she and her volunteers serve! Please enjoy her update for November.


What is a challenge you face?
Getting the paperwork to take children from the orphanage into the city.
What is something interesting that happened this month?
  • One girl who has been in the orphanage for eleven years while her mother was in jail, Jasmin, was able to go home with her mother this month. Her mother got a job as soon as she was released from jail.  One person in the orphanage said he does not believe in miracles but he believes their speedy reunion was a miracle.
  • We have also improved the organization of the classes and included repetition so that the children remember the stories better
  • The new mentoring program has started with her first match of a child from an orphanage and an adult volunteer
Spotlight on Vitalik
Age: 10
Vitalik is Valera’s brother, a child we highlighted earlier. At first, he was difficult to communicate with but he has become more calm and joyful. Before Vitalik and his brothers were brought to the orphanage, their mother taught him some things about the Bible but it seems like she may have learned what she knows from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Vitalik often argues with the volunteers about points in the stories that conflict with what he was taught. Pray that he will continue to understand the love of his heavenly father and that he will build bonds with the volunteers.
Prayer Requests
For Nastya and the volunteers – That more volunteers will come to serve the children.
For the children 
  • Ilya – For him to stop stealing and understand that he will be provided for
  • Jasmine – That she will continue to have a relationship with the volunteers who have known her for so long, for her to know God, and for this transition to go well as she develops a new relationship with her mom
  • Valera – For him to be calm
For Russia – For peace

August 25, 2022

Thank you so much for supporting Nastya and her volunteers as they love on the kids of Vladimir Children’s Home!


Why did you begin volunteering in the orphanage?

I started volunteering as a teenager. The church I attended went to the orphanage every Saturday and I really liked it. I was friends with children. When I grew up, I understood that they need help since it is hard for them to live without their parents. I saw that they needed support.


What is one interesting thing that happened this month?

  • There is a little boy at VCH named Matvey (Matthew). A woman considered adopting him, but in the end it did not work out. This is the first time that someone wanted to adopt Matvey. We believe and hope someone else will try to adopt this sweet boy. 
  • Some of the boys have begun to understand our Bible lessons, which they did not understand before. It makes us really happy!
  • A girl is about to move from VCH moves to Luhktonovo and we are praying that we will not lose touch with her. I see that there is a connection between her and the volunteers, and I want to communicate with her further. We prayed that she would not go home to her mother, but go to a boarding school, because her mother has many men at home and this is not safe for her.


Spotlight on Ksyusha

Ksyusha is 8 years old. She is a smart, sociable girl. We’ve known her from a very young age when she entered the orphanage. She is part of a large family. She has 3 brothers and 3 sisters in this orphanage. She loves the volunteers, but it’s hard for her to focus on classes. She is very vulnerable, self-critical, and insecure. Please pray that she will make friends with God, that she will learn to be confident, and that she will find her way in life.

Prayer Requests

  • That we can provide children with individual care
  • That we have a good team
  • For the development of our programs
  • That children learn to be kind to each other and become closer to God
  • That people in Russia would be more willing to help orphans and any people in a crisis situation and that the government would help in this
  • To stop hostilities.

May 6, 2022

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your faithful support of Vladimir Children’s Home. I hope you’re having a lovely spring! Please find Nastya’s update below: 

1. How have you seen God work through your time with the children in the orphanage?
God manifests Himself in many ways in our work. We prayed for more volunteers for VCH and God sent two more amazing volunteers. Also, the children have started listening to the stories with more excitement and memorizing more Scripture. We have also gained far more trust with the caregivers there, which means better communication and higher quality time with the children.
2. What is one interesting thing that happened this month?
One boy has been very tense and struggling with his mental health. We were worried and praying for him. This month, he has begun to show more love, gentleness, and friendliness. He enjoys our meetings and has participated more.
Spotlight on Daniel
Age: 9
Daniel has always enjoyed spending time with us but openly told us that he was not interested in the Bible. Recently, he has begun to actively participate in the Bible classes and answer questions. He is Romani, which is a highly discriminated-against group in Russia. I am eager for him to build relationships with our group.
Prayer Requests
For the kids – For the children to be drawn to God 
For Nastya and the volunteers – For many people to join our new mentoring program and for the directors of the orphanages to work well with them
For Russia – For peace between Russia and Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees

Last updated: February 21, 2022

Thank you so much for supporting our Russian partners’ work in Vladimir Children’s Home. Please find Nastya’s update below:

What is one thing that has surprised you since you started working in this orphanage?
Nastya has noticed that when the children first arrive at the orphanage, they are very sad and despondent. However, over time, they become more active and joyful. They become friends with the other children and do well. Nastya believes this speaks very well of the staff there. 
What is one interesting thing that has happened this month?
For a New Year’s celebration, they gifted the children some children’s Bibles that were in the format of comics. The kids loved them and wanted to hear more about the Bible stories!

Spotlight on Valera

Age: 11
Valera is the oldest of three boys and has come to the orphanage recently. He really struggled at the beginning, cursing and acting aggressively. He was made to attend his mother’s court date, which was, of course, upsetting. He is very defensive and has walls built around himself, but the volunteers can see the word of God touching his heart. He is eager to participate in the Bible classes and clings to the male volunteers. Please pray for the boys to grow together and have the opportunity to be live in a family once again.   
Prayer Requests
For Nastya and the volunteers – For God’s wisdom and for unity
For the children – To open their hearts to Christ’s love
For Russia – That the government will support their work and that foster care will grow in Russia until no child has to be in an institution