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Last updated: May 6, 2022

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your faithful support of Vladimir Children’s Home. I hope you’re having a lovely spring! Please find Nastya’s update below: 

1. How have you seen God work through your time with the children in the orphanage?
God manifests Himself in many ways in our work. We prayed for more volunteers for VCH and God sent two more amazing volunteers. Also, the children have started listening to the stories with more excitement and memorizing more Scripture. We have also gained far more trust with the caregivers there, which means better communication and higher quality time with the children.
2. What is one interesting thing that happened this month?
One boy has been very tense and struggling with his mental health. We were worried and praying for him. This month, he has begun to show more love, gentleness, and friendliness. He enjoys our meetings and has participated more.
Spotlight on Daniel
Age: 9
Daniel has always enjoyed spending time with us but openly told us that he was not interested in the Bible. Recently, he has begun to actively participate in the Bible classes and answer questions. He is Romani, which is a highly discriminated-against group in Russia. I am eager for him to build relationships with our group.
Prayer Requests
For the kids – For the children to be drawn to God 
For Nastya and the volunteers – For many people to join our new mentoring program and for the directors of the orphanages to work well with them
For Russia – For peace between Russia and Ukraine and for Ukrainian refugees

Last updated: February 21, 2022

Thank you so much for supporting our Russian partners’ work in Vladimir Children’s Home. Please find Nastya’s update below:

What is one thing that has surprised you since you started working in this orphanage?
Nastya has noticed that when the children first arrive at the orphanage, they are very sad and despondent. However, over time, they become more active and joyful. They become friends with the other children and do well. Nastya believes this speaks very well of the staff there. 
What is one interesting thing that has happened this month?
For a New Year’s celebration, they gifted the children some children’s Bibles that were in the format of comics. The kids loved them and wanted to hear more about the Bible stories!

Spotlight on Valera

Age: 11
Valera is the oldest of three boys and has come to the orphanage recently. He really struggled at the beginning, cursing and acting aggressively. He was made to attend his mother’s court date, which was, of course, upsetting. He is very defensive and has walls built around himself, but the volunteers can see the word of God touching his heart. He is eager to participate in the Bible classes and clings to the male volunteers. Please pray for the boys to grow together and have the opportunity to be live in a family once again.   
Prayer Requests
For Nastya and the volunteers – For God’s wisdom and for unity
For the children – To open their hearts to Christ’s love
For Russia – That the government will support their work and that foster care will grow in Russia until no child has to be in an institution