10 Days of Prayer2016

The Boaz Project’s 10 Days of Prayer begins tomorrow!

We would like to ask you to join with us in the special time of prayer to give thanks for all the Lord has done through The Boaz Project and pray for the year ahead.

Today we’re taking some time to prepare and so can you. Ask God to remind you to pray often during this concentrated 10 days of prayer. You may also want to follow these tips to help:

*Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to prompt you to pray.

*Ask someone to join you in praying for The Boaz Project for these 10 days.

Be sure to check out our posts on Facebook and other social media platforms during the 10 Days of Prayer and share them with those you know to have a heart for orphans.


Family Guide

We’ve included a Family Guide with each day in blue. You can use this section to help teach your children how to pray for orphans around the world.

About orphans and how we can help:

An orphan is a child whose parents cannot take care of them. Sometimes the parents have died; sometimes they are very sick, very poor or they cannot stop using drugs that confuse their thinking.

There are over 150 million orphans in the world. If they were to all hold hands, they could circle the world three times!

Because these children do not have parents, it is often hard for them to find food, a place to live, and suitable clothing. Many cannot go to school, but have to work instead.

But Jesus loves orphans dearly! And He tells His children (you and me) to care for them, too.

The Boaz Project helps leaders around the world take care of orphans who live near them. When everyone in the church prays and works together, we can do great things!

Preparing for this special time of prayer:

By praying, you can help people in countries very far away as they help orphans. And you can pray anywhere at any time! Ask God to help you remember to pray for orphans and the people who work to take care of them. You can invite a friend to pray with you!