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April Jurgensen, Founder/Executive Director


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Welcome to The Boaz Project – where you can find your unique role in caring for abandoned and neglected children.

The first thing anyone noticed about Illia was his sweet smile. The second was usually the severe burn scars on his legs—scars which prevented full range of motion and proper growth.

When Illia began coming to our Bible Discovery Classes, his teacher, Svetlana, noticed the six-year-old’s debilitating burn scars. She wondered if something could be done to help this bright boy, but the orphanage director explained that there were no funds to even get the boy to a burn doctor in Vladimir, let alone cover the surgery.


Svetlana came to The Boaz Project for help.


Our community rallied around the young boy, ensuring he would get the surgery he needed to replace the burn tissue.


Illia’s life was changed when surgeons replaced the scar tissue on his legs, allowing him to grow, run, and play like a healthy, young boy.

For nearly two decades now, The Boaz Project has been building a community of compassionate people like you to help children like Illia. People who want to roll up their sleeves and take action on behalf of children who otherwise may have no voice.

As a result, thousands of children have been given the security of a place to live and loving adults to take care of them. Thousands have been held and nurtured as infants when they would have been left to lie indefinitely in cribs. Many have received medical care for which they would have been passed over. And thousands have heard the good news—that they are loved by their Heavenly Father.

As Your Bridge to Orphan Care, We Let You Know Specific, Current Needs and How You Can Help

By signing up below for the content you want from The Boaz Project, you can be inspired and equipped to care for orphans around the globe. We’ll offer you:

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  • Specific needs you can contribute toward that will make significant impacts on the lives of orphans
  • Fun options for sharing the needs of orphans with others
  • Inspirational stories of God at work on behalf of orphans
  • Access to a wonderful community of compassionate people who share your desire to help orphans

We exist to inspire and equip leaders to care for orphans. And that includes you! So be sure to sign up below to stay informed.


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