IMG_1692-001You, our faithful supporters, have allowed The Boaz Project to commit to long-term partnerships with the leaders we assist in orphanages (state-run institutions in Russia) and children’s homes (private homes in India who have opened their doors to the orphaned).

Rather than swinging by at random times to deliver some shoes or gospel tracts, we want to ensure our partners they can count on us for consistent financial assistance, training, and Bible education for the children in their care.

Ideally, we match specific, compassionate churches or families who have pledged monthly support with a home or orphanage they sponsor. This gives both the donor and the recipients some continuity and helps us know where the money will come from each month.

However, we currently have two orphanages in the Russian Far East which are not sponsored: Nekrasovka and Baby Hospital #9.

Approximately 70 school-aged children live in the Nekrasovka orphanage. The  director seems to have the best interests of the children in mind and welcomes The Boaz Project volunteers who teach Bible Discovery classes.

Hospital number 9 has a wing for abandoned babies who await placement in an orphanage.  There are very few caregivers for the approximately 100 infants, so our baby nurturers’ interaction with these tiny ones is often crucial to their development.

Baby Hospital #9

If you know of a church, Bible study group or family who would be interested in more information about sponsoring either of these institutions for $425 per month, please let us know by filling out the enclosed response card.

Or, maybe you would be willing to pitch in and help provide for these orphanages while we work to get them sponsored by churches or other groups? For just $14, you can underwrite our work in one of the orphanages for a day.  For $98, you can provide our services for an entire week!

To do so, just Click Here.

Nekrasovka orphanage

On behalf of Russia’s orphans, thank you!