Ivan’s chubby fingers grasped a red crayon tightly as he filled in the front door of his carefully sketched “dome.” That’s Russian for “home.”

“This is where my parents live,” he commented, switching red for yellow.

The scrawled home was as lovely and colorful as a five-year-old’s vibrant imagination.   

“Kraseevy!” I replied, assuring him that is was beautiful.

As Ivan added yellow blossoms to the window box, the caretaker pulled me aside.

“His parents live nearby, along with his sister,” she confided.  “But they say they don’t want such a child…who limps.”

In hushed tones, she continued, “They gave up their rights to him long ago, but he holds onto a dream that one day, they will come for him.”

If each of our caring friends were to donate $50, Ivan could have a new home and family!

As a friend of The Boaz Project, you have heard about the numbing effects of institutionalization.  For 16 years, we have fought together against the behavioral and developmental delays caused by neglect.  We have tackled hunger, hazing, and abuse.

Today, you can help save Ivan from all of that and offer him a safe and happy childhood instead.

You see, on the other side of town, Sergei and Zhenya, a seminary-trained couple, are preparing to expand their family.  With arms open wide, the couple will soon welcome orphans and call them sons and daughters.

For years, they have wanted to start a Christian children’s home.  For now, they are praying that God will provide the space required by the government to take these children in…because Ivan should not have to spend even one more day alone.

Is it possible that you may just be the means God will use to answer their prayers?

Ivan and his future siblings will be placed in the home in a status between what Americans know as foster care and adoption.  It will be a permanent placement, but the Russian government will contribute to their ongoing expenses into adulthood.  That makes long-term costs for the home minimal.

But today, the need to purchase the home is great. 

So, please demonstrate kindness to orphans once again by making a generous donation today.  You can be part of uniting a family by visiting:www.boazproject.org/RCFH

On Ivan’s behalf, thank you for demonstrating your compassion in such a tangible way!