P&P November 2015 graphic


If it weren’t for all the pumpkin spiced everything in the stores and the brilliantly-colored leaves beginning to emerge, you probably wouldn’t be able to convince me that it is November already. But the eleventh month is upon us once again, with its cooler temperatures, its changes in fashion and its focus on giving thanks.

And because giving thanks is eternally good thing, I always wonder in November why we have to wait until now to give it a sincere nod. As redeemed children of God, we have much to be thankful for every day, whether we’re enjoying our present circumstances or not.

Nov 2015 pic_smallOur Indian house parents illustrated this to me just last week. Despite imprisonments for their faith and shunnings by their families, they expressed gratitude for God’s hand at work in their lives.

We had gathered for house parent training and were coaching them to help children heal from traumatic experiences. And—would you believe it?—gratitude plays a role.

We discussed responses to trauma, from sensory processing disorders to hoarding. When we got to the topic of sleeplessness, I offered one simple suggestion: encourage the children who are old enough to start a gratitude journal.

Did you know that expressing gratefulness actually prompts your brain to release dopamine, the calm and happy hormone? So when a child thinks of and records a few things for which he can say “thanks,” just before closing his eyes at night, it helps him to rest peacefully.

Isn’t God amazing? He commands us to “Give thanks in everything,” (I Thess. 5:18) and when we do, He rewards that obedience in our biological make-up. He gives us a little shot of comfort and rest.

So this month, reflect on all you’re grateful for—whether it’s pumpkin spiced or not—and know that the very attitude of thanksgiving offers you one more thing to be thankful for!


Here at The Boaz Project, we are thankful for:

  • an amazing, inspiring time in Bangalore with our house parents. They assured us that their deepened understanding of trauma and its effects will benefit the children in their care.
  • the start to a great new school year in our Russian orphanages with volunteers who are working hard to engage children with God’s Word.
  • Comeback Ministries’ Home as they express their gratitude for a donor who has provided the remaining funds needed to complete their home construction.

We would ask that you remember the following concerns in prayer:

  • The Daya Vihar Girls’ Home continues to wrestle with the Department of Women and Children, who threatens to close them down and put the 42 girls in their care back on the streets. Ask God for the perfect solution which protects these young girls from potential danger.
  • The leadership of The Boaz Project would appreciate your prayers for discernment as they evaluate ministry opportunities.
  • Several proposals have been submitted to churches and foundations, requesting funding to get the Russian Christian Foster Home off and running. Please pray that they would be received favorably and that the resources necessary would be made available.

-Thank you, April