Help Amanda Reed serve orphans in need all around the world!

Team members like Amanda help to provide children in need with the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support they need.

I knew I wanted to continue serving the Lord in underdeveloped countries after several years of traveling on short term mission trips. That’s when God led me to The Boaz Project.

I began learning through the Boaz Orphan Advocate Training Program about the world’s orphan crisis, God’s heart for the orphan, and how I could make a real difference. Upon completion of the program, I was beyond grateful to accept a position with The Boaz Project and help to further our mission.

My greatest joy in what we do is seeing how the Gospel is going out in nations where churches are scarce and being a Christian is hard. Our Christian caregivers we partner with are not only keeping children off the streets and out of state run orphanages, but giving them a safe, loving home and the knowledge and hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I love my job, and seeing how God continues to move His Kingdom forward through our work. I’m so excited to see what He has in store for the future of The Boaz Project!

Let’s provide orphans with the warmth of a family and the love of Jesus.

As a Regional Coordinator, Amanda is able to serve the world’s orphans through The Boaz Project from her hometown in the Southeastern region of the US.

By partnering with Boaz, you allow her to continue expanding the reach of The Boaz Project by educating her local community and churches on the world’s orphan crisis through avenues such as small groups, fundraisers, and other creative events.

Provide a safe and caring home— full of the love of Jesus —to orphans all over the globe.