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Share Christ with orphans in Eastern Europe.

Children in both Russia and Ukraine are in desperate need of better care. We can work together to provide them with financial, physical, spiritual, and educational assistance.

Your support keeps hundreds of children from being forgotten in overcrowded state-run orphanages.

For the most part in Eastern Europe, we are bringing services into state-run orphanages.

We partner with children's homes and run At-Risk Family Services that:

  • Reduce the likelihood of hazing between children
  • Foster a vital attachment between orphans and their long-term caregivers
  • Allow children to stay within their own culture and communities
  • Give children the chance to know Jesus

See the work being done for orphans in Eastern Europe.

Because of continued support from people like you, we’ve been to develop multiple homes in Eastern Europe to provide orphans with a safe and nurturing place to live.

Orphanage VCH

Orphanage NB

Orphanage R

Orphanage K

Joy Transition Home

At-Risk Families in Need

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Rescue orphaned children who have been left with no hope of bettering their critical situations.