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Sponsor a home of once-abandoned children in South Asia.

Densely populated South Asia has no system in place to care for its millions of orphans. That’s why we’ve all been called to establish safe and loving homes for these children.

By sponsoring homes in South Asia, you’re helping orphans defy the odds and live successful lives.

By partnering with one of our children’s homes rather than sponsoring a single child, you:

  • Reduce the likelihood of hazing between children
  • Foster a vital attachment between orphans and their long-term caregivers
  • Allow children to stay within their own culture and communities
  • Offer house parents dignity and respect for the work they do
  • Give children the chance to know Jesus

See the work being done for orphan homes in India.

Because people like you have joined our mission to provide structured training, humanitarian aid, and successful whole-home care models to orphans in need, we’ve been able to partner with and support multiple homes in South Asia.

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Provide a safe and caring home —full of the love of Jesus—to children in South Asia.