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Provide a family atmosphere for orphans in East Africa.

With some of the world’s largest slums and refugee camps, East Africa is home to untold numbers of orphans. Together, we can help children in need.

Provide safety & comfort to children in need by supporting our partner children's homes in East Africa.

When you partner with one of our children’s homes rather than sponsoring a single child, you:

  • Help entire homes full of once-abandoned children in need
  • Dignify caregivers by channeling aid through them
  • Provide specialized trauma training for caregivers
  • Enable children to receive an education
  • Give children the chance to know Jesus

See the work being done for partner children's homes in East Africa.

With help from people like you, we’ve continued to carry out our mission to provide structured training, humanitarian aid, and successful whole-home care models to orphans in East Africa through a safe and loving environment.

Kenya Homes 1-6

South Sudan - HH1

South Sudan - HH2 | Needs Funding

South Sudan - HH3 | Needs Funding

Uganda - Home 1 | Needs Funding

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Provide training, financial assistance, education and more to the growing orphan population.