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Partner with Jim & April Jurgensen to change the lives of the world’s most vulnerable community.

By supporting Jim & April and the rest of The Boaz Project team, you'll restore hope, ensure a brighter future and share the love of Jesus with orphans around the globe.

"I hadn’t realized that these children would pierce my heart. I couldn’t have imagined that the little faces I had yet to meet would nimbly change my perspective on everything. But I knew I could never walk away from their need, and so The Boaz Project was born."


“As an adoptee, I love that my work at The Boaz Project gives me the opportunity to reach children who’ve known neglect and abandonment. I can connect to a degree with their stories and feel God can use that connection to touch their hearts. Probably my favorite part of my job is leading short-term teams, introducing others to the needs of orphans and how God—through The Boaz Project—is meeting them.“


Work with us to impact hundreds of orphans around the world!

But it wasn’t until God began orchestrating an amazing series of events in the Jurgensens’ lives that they realized how passionate God is toward orphans—and in November of 1999, April founded The Boaz Project. By June of 2001, Jim was working full-time for the organization.

April employs and manages believers around the globe to provide hands-on ministry to orphans. Between trips to visit the children who’ve stolen her heart, April seizes opportunities to write and speak about them. She brings the experience and insight from more than 100 international trips to her messages.

Jim oversees the U.S.-based efforts of raising funds, accounting and managing technology needs for the organization.

Both Jim and April enjoy leading teams of Americans for Vacation Bible School and/or construction short-term trips.

Thank you for your willingness to help the Jurgensens’ ministry with The Boaz Project!

By partnering with Jim & April, you’ll enable them to continue to provide for abandoned children without hope of finding a loving home.

Support Jim & April Jurgensen and their mission to serve others.

With continued support from champions like you, we’re able to help orphans in dire need of homes, resources and the love of Christ.
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Provide a safe and caring home— full of the love of Jesus —to orphans all over the globe.