Partner with Cathy Long to save children who have been left behind.

When you support team members like Cathy, you’re working towards giving orphans all over the world the opportunity to grow, flourish and become successful adults.

One of the greatest joys of working at The Boaz Project is seeing what goes on behind the scenes and experiencing God working in miraculous ways, beyond what we could ever imagine!

God’s providence on this ministry is clear. Knowing that God is moving in great ways through The Boaz Project is what gives me such a strong feeling of deep, true joy while I’m working. I am very thankful to have the privilege of playing a part in God’s mission here, and I feel so blessed to share this privilege with incredible partners like you who join me.

We can work together to save abandoned children from neglect, abuse and trafficking.

Since 2009, God has drawn Cathy to serve His children through The Boaz Project. As assistant director, Cathy contributes to the planning, execution and evaluation of various projects—including our orphan gift banks and wish lists. In addition, Cathy records donations and makes wire transfers to our partners overseas.

By becoming a ministry partner with Cathy, you’ll be a part of impacting hundreds of orphans around the world!

Support Cathy Long and her mission to serve others.

With continued support from champions like you, we’re able to help orphans in dire need of homes, resources and the love of Christ.

Provide a safe and caring home— full of the love of Jesus —to orphans all over the globe.