Do you long for a more personal relationship with your Heavenly Father?

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When April Jurgensen founded The Boaz Project to minister to orphans, she didn’t realize they would rock her theology, shed new light on Scripture, and revive her heart. In The Orphan’s Abba: Stories from Orphan Care that Reveal God’s Love for You, April shares inspiring stories from over 100 international trips to visit orphans. These narratives will bolster your faith as you gain new insight into the privileges and blessings of being God’s child.

This book is your invitation to:

  • See yourself as the beloved, chosen, and adopted child of God
  • Discover the way to ensure God hears your prayers
  • Understand how you can comfort the heart of God
  • Learn how obedience to the Father changes you
  • Recognize the strategic ways God relentlessly pursues you


Get ready to unveil a portrait of God’s heart which can only be painted in light of His love for the orphan!

April and Orphan's Abba
April and Orphan's Abba