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Join Michaela Shake in making an impact on hundreds of orphans around the world!

When you partner with people like Michaela, you’re supporting the mission to give orphans the chance to know Jesus and grow to become successful adults.

I’m absolutely thrilled to work at The Boaz Project. I know God has been leading me here for a long time, and I cannot wait to start this journey.

However, in order to do that, I will need support. Boaz is a small missions organization that is doing awesome things, but they cannot do them without generous support from caring people like you.

Let’s provide a safe and caring home to children all over the world.

In her role as the director of South Asia ministries, Michaela oversees the implementation of all of The Boaz Project’s work there. This includes the selection of personnel and partners, accounting for funds and leading short-term teams to the area.

In addition, Michaela assists with training caregivers to aid children living with trauma and helps our partners attain best practices in orphan care.

By partnering with Michaela, you’ll enable her to continue her efforts to help orphans in South Asia and all over the world.

Support Michaela Shake and her mission to serve others.

With continued support from champions like you, we’re able to help orphans in dire need of homes, resources and the love of Christ.
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Provide a safe and caring home— full of the love of Jesus —to orphans all over the globe.