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Sponsor a family of children and caregivers to create a true impact on the global orphan crisis.

When partners like you work with The Boaz Project, we’re able to help orphans feel safe and secure, overcome trauma, and break the cycle of prostitution and poverty.

Orphaned children being left to fend for themselves might be the current reality— but it’s not acceptable.

That’s why we’re partnering with champions like you to obey Christ’s command to care for orphans. Together, we’ll continue to:

  • Save abandoned children from the streets
  • Allow orphans to stay within their own culture and communities
  • Give vulnerable children the chance to know Jesus
  • Provide opportunities for children to grow into successful adults 

Your donations are crucial to inspire and equip leaders around the globe to care for orphans in their own communities.

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Find your role in orphan care to help abandoned children around the globe.