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Partner with The Boaz Project to support orphan caregivers around the globe.

Provide much-needed aid and encouragement to those serving some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

Supporting caregivers means supporting entire communities of children that are in need.

By sponsoring one of our partner homes, you help support orphan caregivers by:

  • Ensuring they receive helpful, ongoing training in how to care for children from trauma
  • Offering them dignity by supporting their work rather than giving the children handouts
  • Providing the emotional and spiritual support of our network of friends

Caregivers are ready to rescue and protect orphans in their community—but they need help.

Because their work is so important, we’ve provided many ways you can partner with The Boaz Project to help provide the resources, training, and everyday support caregivers need.

Trauma Training

Financial Support

Plan a Visit

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Support an entire community dedicated to rescuing orphaned children in need.