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The Birth of a Life-Changing Community & Organization

After a heartbreaking report from 20/20 about the horrid conditions of Russian orphanages aired—April Jurgensen, Founder of The Boaz Project, knew she had to help these hurting and abused orphans find a better life.

In a series of inexplicable events that only God could orchestrate, April soon found herself in Russia, helping children like those in the report and building a community of like-minded champions ready to do anything to rescue abandoned children all over the world.

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Watch “Heart of Boaz: A Testament to God's Calling" to see how He uses ordinary people to care for the world's most vulnerable population.


Why are there so many orphans?

Why is your ministry called The Boaz Project?

Does The Boaz Project do adoption placements?

How long have you been helping orphans?

Can I sponsor a child through The Boaz Project?

Rescue orphaned children who have been left with no hope of bettering their critical situations.