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Join John Githire in the battle against the global orphan crisis.

Team members like John help the 99% of orphans who cannot be adopted and are left with no hope of bettering their critical situation.

The first time I met Jim and April, I wondered why they were in Kenya. Are they missionaries, I thought? At first, I loved them because of the fun and all the candy. As I grew older, I saw that the visits to Kenya increased, and April and Jim’s team were much bigger. I realized they were different than ordinary missionaries. They had a name, The Boaz Project. Then I understood that the team's mission was to care for orphaned children. I genuinely loved them for this because this was a different type of love that was just beautiful.

I now understand that this mission started long ago and continues, expanding and reaching out to different countries worldwide. I wanted to join this great team and give these kids the love I grew up with, the love they never experienced. I want to be like April, who shares God’s Word and His love for us instead of just bringing gifts and clothes. I take it as my mission to love these kids and give them an older brother type of love.

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Provide a safe and caring home— full of the love of Jesus —to orphans all over the globe.