Here’s a glimpse back at God’s faithfulness and your concern for vulnerable children during 2019. Your generosity has primed us to do more than ever to care for orphans in 2020 and beyond!

2019 By the Numbers:

Children assisted with humanitarian aid: 438

These children are in Russia (337), India (81), and Kenya (20). Many are “social orphans,” meaning that one or more parents are living, but are unwilling or unable to care for them. Rather than individual child sponsorships, our aid is given through the caregivers in order to encourage the children’s attachment to them.

Children attending Bible Discovery Classes in state-run orphanages: 66

These Russian children range in age from 3-17. Typically, they have no other means of hearing the gospel.

Government-run orphanages served: 7

These are located in the Vladimir and Khabarovsk regions of Russia.

Private, Christian children’s homes served: 8

These are located in Russia (1), India (6), and Kenya (1). The average number of children in one of the private, Christian homes we serve is 13.

5 short-term mission trips. Most popular destination for short-term teams: Kenya

With 47% of our short-term team participants heading there.

Dollars raised for education: $28,164

Education is crucial for orphans as many struggle to break a generational cycle of poverty. While Russia’s public education system is free and sufficient, our children in India and Kenya need private educations to one day be successful in the work force.

Dollars raised for Homes Campaign, providing housing solutions in all three nations where we work: $196,777

Ranking of most persecuted countries in the world:

These rankings are according to Open Doors’ world watch list. For information about how the rankings are determined and to check the rankings of other nations, visit:

Number of international partners (House parents and volunteers): 53 

These saints are the hands and feet of Christ, ministering to the abandoned. It is our privilege to support them with humanitarian aid, training, resources for Bible teaching, prayer, and more.

Donations from 29 states

The Boaz Project allots 90 cents of every dollar you donate to the fund or project which you designate!

Believing in miracles,
April Jurgensen




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