In Kenya, where a child is orphaned every two minutes, the government simply cannot keep up with the demand for care. That’s why our partners caring for boys at El Shaddai Children’s Center are so critical. But in their village of Limuru, there is no one caring for female orphans, so they are forced to the streets.

That is about to change.

Having prayed for three years now for a way to care for these girls, we’ve been led to an exciting, God-sized vision to build a multi-story building with apartment units where house parents will raise orphans as their own. One of the greatest beauties of this approach is that siblings will be permitted to live in the same families.

Once built, this apartment building (designed by the World Health Organization) will be able to accommodate 48 children in Christ-centered families.

The entire project is anticipated to cost $422,050, but we came to you for help with the foundation, which will cost $22,000. Your generosity astounded us, and we’re thrilled to let you know that we’ll be able to begin the process of laying the foundation quite soon.

Thank you for helping to lay a literal foundation for this building which will welcome some of the world’s most vulnerable children and give them a loving place to call “home.”

If you would like to make a donation toward the remaining project, you visit


Believing in Miracles,
April Jurgensen





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