A note to you from Alla, our partner in Ukraine:

When we received the donation from The Boaz Project for the van, I wanted to scream, but since everyone was already sleeping in the shelter where we hid from the bombs in the West of Ukraine, I had to remain silent. My heart was tearing into a million pieces, my soul was screaming and I was silently flooding the pillow with tears. These were tears of happiness about the van mixed with the pain of war and suffering.

We have been looking for a van for a long time, and I could not believe it could become a reality! The Lord has opened and shown His hand in this very important matter.

We were looking for a car with a large trunk because we carry a lot of humanitarian aid. We needed 9 seats and an automatic transmission. We prayed for something at a good price and not big mileage.

We found it in Germany.

The Lord performed so many miracles for this van to become ours. For example, a man in Germany arranged everything so that we would not have to pay the German tax. A mechanic whom we have never met tested our van for free, and a company made some repairs for free as well. A family in Germany provided us with housing.

God truly created one big and wonderful team from different parts of the world to do this incredible miracle. Through this, the Lord taught me to trust Him, to wait for His perfect time. He taught me to trust my precious Savior in every detail.

May the Lord abundantly bless you for your generosity and kindness!