Leza and meHello, The Boaz Project!

With this letter I would like to thank the whole Boaz team for dedicating so much time and so many efforts towards the wellbeing of those who need it most—the orphans.

I was honored to interpret for the Boaz team in Vladimir, Russia back in 2006. Now I live in the U.S.A.

This past winter I came across a Facebook post about the Boaz banks…And it struck me! I am now able to send you our first donation. It is not much, but I’m looking forward to donating again

I realize that there are many people who’d like to donate, but somehow they are not so sure their money will go towards the case that various organizations claim. Im happy that in my case, I am confident and proud to say that the donated money will definitely serve the purpose!

Thank you, The Boaz Project team, for everything you do! Thank you for all your kindness, your time and your efforts! May God always help you all!


Best wishes,
Maria Pilatti (Panova)