“We were confused and almost lost our hope, but your gifts brought us a new hope. Thank God. We don’t know how to express our happiness; we are very much thankful for all the concerned donors who are kind to us.” –Pastor Christopher

Pastor Christopher, his wife, and the children of ComeBack Ministries’ Home

Many of you read the panicked emails and letters: Pastor Christopher was in danger of losing the boys he had raised and loved.

As he met with the Department of Children’s Welfare, your prayers gave Pastor Christopher favor. The department agreed to postpone the removal of the boys from the home and gave him a list of demands he must meet in order to keep them.   The list was long, and the time frame, short.

But you, The Boaz Project community, surrounded this man with love, support, and generosity, providing the necessary resources to meet those demands.

A van similar to the one provided for ComeBack

One of the Department’s demands was that an additional story be added to the home where the boys could reside. As you can see in the picture located below, construction is well underway! Pastor Christopher asked us all to pray that it is completed on time before the May 1 deadline.

The home is also required to purchase a van in which to take the children to the hospital in an emergency and to school daily.

In addition, the home must designate a room as a “sick room” for quarantine with medical supplies, bed, and scale; an external stairway for use in a fire emergency; and a land line for emergency calls.

Though he’s endured evictions and imprisonment for his faith, Pastor Christopher has not wavered in his commitment to the children God’s brought to his home. Thank you for standing with him through this most recent challenge.

If you would like to make a contribution to the ongoing needs at Pastor Christopher’s home, you can do so at www.boazproject.org/urgentneed

Construction progress at ComeBack


Your Generosity Allows Peter to Remain at ComeBack

Have you ever seen a smile so contagious?

Nearly everyone who meets Peter is smitten. The oldest boy at ComeBack Ministries’ Home, Peter is incredibly patient and loving toward the younger children. He remembers all the Bible verses we share. He exudes joy.

Given this tender, charming demeanor, it’s hard to believe his beginnings were quite rough.

Basically on his own in a large Bangalore slum, Peter fended for himself, primarily by stealing. Though he had the opportunity to attend school, he rarely did.

Now that he’s at ComeBack, however, everything has changed. Peter studies well, assists with the work in the home, and has fallen in love with the Word of God. He’s currently in the tenth grade and hopes to one day be an engineer.

Without your help, Peter may likely have been removed from ComeBack. But the outpouring of support for this precious family has enabled them to meet the many demands of The Children’s Welfare Department and retain custody of the boys living there.


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