My wife, Zhenya, and I and all our children are grateful to God for our friends from The Boaz Project and faithful donors who for many years supported our family and ministry to orphans in Russia with prayers and personal financial participation. Without all of you, it would be very difficult to organize and carry out such a difficult but necessary service to God for children.

Thanks to your loyalty and support, we can see wonderful changes in the lives of our children.

Yana has been in our family for four and a half years. When she came to us, she was three and a half years old and she practically did not know how to speak, was not socially adapted and lagged behind her peers in development. Now she is a good student in the second grade. For the second year she has been successfully engaged in gymnastics at the Sports School of the Olympic Reserve and at the art school, where her work and abilities are greatly praised. She really likes going to Sunday school with friends. This year, the Royal Hunters (A Christian group similar to the Scouts) solemnly accepted her into the ministry.

Milan and Timofey are brother and sister, and they have been in our family for two and a half years. During this time, their lives have been transformed.

Timofey is in second grade. Today, with great joy, he came running to show a diary with a five on literature (comparable to an “A” in the U.S.) for good reading and expressive retelling. Imagine–this is despite Timothy coming to us with severe pedagogical neglect and a delay in mental development at six years old. Timofey, together with Yana, participates in the ministry of the “Royal Rangers.”

Milan, despite the fact that she is not yet 6 years old, is already in a first-class program in a private lyceum. Together with Yana, she has been engaged in gymnastics for the second year and loves to sing.

Recently, we managed to organize a meeting for Milan and Timofey with an older sister (she is 15). We went to a cafe together and went to ride rides. They were very happy to see her!

Efrem is also in our family for 2 and a half years and during this time he has matured greatly, has become more organized and socially adapted. Ephraim also participates in the ministry of the “Royal Hunters,” Sunday services and a home group. He likes youth meetings in the church twice a week.

Thanks to your support, these children have a family, a comfortable life in a cozy house, the opportunity to attend church, the opportunity to live and develop normally, and to relax. They have a future. Please continue to prayerfully and financially support the ministry of The Boaz Project and help orphans in Russia and around the world. God bless you!

Sergey Zaozersky

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