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On the heels of Valentine’s Day, let’s talk a bit about love.

I know that Valentine’s Day is generally about eros (romantic love), but we’re going to discuss storge (familial love) and agape (God’s endless love) instead.

Humans were made to be loved. We were created for the perfect love that existed when we were able to walk with God and each other in the flawless, sin-free environment of Eden. The beginning was the only point in history that we didn’t feel disappointment, betrayal, rejection, and loss.

But then came the serpent’s temptation and the perfect creation full of love shattered. Sin entered the world and, with it, broken relationships. We were separated from the One Who Loves.

Christians know God’s love for his creation has not changed. It is still vast, beyond our understanding. We catch small glimpses of it in selfless service, or, in what may be the greatest example of all, a parent’s love for a child.

So what happens when a parent’s love is missing from a child’s life?

Babies are made to be cherished. Storge is vital for the well-being of every human but especially important to the development of babies and children. Every time a baby cries and her mother comes to her aid, her brain is wired to form trusting bonds and learn how to soothe herself. When a child doesn’t have a safe environment to learn to trust, it will damage that child’s relationships with the rest of the world, too. It’s never too late to turn things around, but for every year the child misses out on parental love, the damage will take an average of two more years to repair. 

When we work with vulnerable children, we have two important goals. One is to make sure that every child has a trusted and safe adult that they are able to bond with. The second–and most important–goal is to introduce them to our God who loves with perfect agape.

Thank you for making it possible for these children to meet the One Who Loves.

Michaela Shake

Want to demonstrate God’s love to an orphan? It’s not too late to join us for a short-term trip in 2020!

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  1. Brandi Ford

    How informative! I knew about the lack of familial love and affection can stunt growth. I didn’t know that for every 1 year, it would take 2 years of effort, love, and consistency to heal from that neglect. Thank you for sharing.


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