Oh, Lord, we’ve made a mess of things.

You created a beautiful world and filled it with children you love, children you designed with variety, intentionality, and purpose, children deserving of a voice, of dignity, of value.

But we’ve constructed systems of ranking: castes, strata of status, gender gaps, and racism. We’ve found ways to elevate those who are like us and diminish those who are somehow not. We’ve treated others unjustly and then silenced their cries.

Bring a spirit of confession on our land, on our world. Help us to see, to listen, to understand, to acknowledge, to apologize. May your followers model your character by demonstrating love and by defending those who need it. May we live out the truth that every human bears your image.

May we be advocates of change, pursuing peace for all.

Bring justice and healing, Lord.






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