Paper cannot contain the works of God. His awe-inspiring deeds will not be bound by letters of the alphabet or even lyrics on the tongue. No melody can contain, no painting display the wonders of our God. And yet, we are compelled to give Him praise. While the highlights of 2016 listed below reflect only a cursory glance at some of God’s activities through The Boaz Project, we found them inspiring and believe you will, too.

Thank you for placing your trust in us to take your resources to the orphan. Thank you for remembering in prayer our staff, our house parents, and the children we serve. Thank you for showing up, for telling others and for carrying the plight of the orphan in your heart.

May 2017 bring even greater things as orphans are brought into the Kingdom of God for His glory!

God brought to fruition the Russian Christian Foster Home, providing a loving, Christ-centered family for children from traumatic circumstances. Get more details at:

More than thirty leaders in Kenya received training in caring for children from trauma. One fought tears as he stated, “We never knew how much we were doing wrong. This changes everything.”

Short-term teams offered individual attention, interaction over God’s Word, and Christmas gifts to orphans in Russia and Kenya.

You can serve orphans on a trip in 2017! Find more info. HERE.

ComeBack Ministries’ Home was completed, offering orphans rescued from the streets a safe, nurturing environment. Pastor Christopher commented, “I thank God, for He has given the Boaz team to encourage, love and care for us in all situations.” (pic of new home)

When the department of children’s services closed Daya Vihar Girls’ Home in India, God allowed us to continue supporting many of the girls by opening the new House of Joy.

The first foster and adoption seminar in Vladimir, Russia encouraged Christians to foster and adopt the orphans in their city. This landmark event began a discussion the culture has long avoided and gave practical, Biblical advice.

Over 1,000 precious donors like you provided consistent care for more than 550 orphans in 17 children’s homes.

Together we can do more to help orphans in 2017. Give today.

Thank you for your commitment to serving orphans.


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