After three years, we were finally able to reunite with our Indian partners and their children. On every trip, we have our team members choose a word to describe their experience. Here are the words our team chose and why!


Founder/Executive Director of The Boaz Project

 “The word I chose for this trip was ‘endearing.’

I chose the word for two reasons. First, I just love our house parents and was so eager—after waiting through a global pandemic—to spend concentrated time with them during our training sessions. I’m always moved by their commitment to the Lord and to the children He has brought to them.

Secondly, seeing first-hand the increased persecution these house parents endure has left me admiring them even more than I did before. We were given escape instructions to follow if anyone were to knock on the front door of one of our children’s homes while we were visiting. To actualize the stress these house parents live with constantly was sobering and moved me to pray more fervently on their behalf.”


Director of India & Russia Ministries

 “My word is ‘reconnect.’ It was amazing to see everyone after three long years. While we have embraced new ways to connect, nothing can replace hugs and face-to-face conversations!”


Digital Media Specialist

“My word for the trip is ‘omnipresent.’ I was nervous to visit a country I had never been to and a culture I had never engaged with, but our Lord is omnipresent. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. His church is global, and I was able to meet my brothers and sisters in Christ who are risking their lives for the betterment of orphans’ lives. I am amazed by the instant bond that is created with another who carries the Holy Spirit within them. I am so grateful for the relationships I made with our partners and it is an honor to interview them and hear their stories.”


Team Member

“My word to summarize the trip was ‘homecoming.’ I chose this word because returning to India post-COVID was a huge reunion for myself, Boaz, our partners and the children. I have partnered with The Boaz Project since 2013, traveling mainly to India and the relationships that have been built and so rich and deep and three years apart was much too long. It was so much so a homecoming that we were even greeted with ‘Welcome Home’ signs.”