Today, Briton is a playful, pleasant 10-year-old boy who calls El Shaddai Children’s Center in Kenya home. But that wasn’t always the case.

Upon coming to El Shaddai, Briton’s heart was in need of much healing. Like all of the boys in the home, the trauma of no longer being able to count on his earthly parents for love and security made him extremely vulnerable.

As he adjusted to his new home and received faithful love from the caregivers at El Shaddai, Briton was able to heal and develop in body, mind, and spirit. He is being trained in Scripture and reminded daily of Jesus’ love for him. 

Briton now loves school and is first in his class. His English is excellent, and he often interprets for the younger boys when Boaz teams visit.  

These changes don’t come easily. They require the tireless efforts of his house parents, the prayers of his community, and the support of people like you. 

This Christmas, let’s assure children like Briton, those who don’t have parents looking out for them, that they are noticed, loved, and valuable—not only to us, but more importantly, to God!

We’ve made it pretty easy.

Just make a donation at and select “Christmas gifts.” You won’t even have to wrap it!

For each $30 we receive, we’ll buy a gift—just what the caregiver says that child needs—and see that it gets delivered for Christmas. 

We’ll also be sure the child hears the glorious Christmas story, the story that assures each of us we are loved relentlessly.

We’re hoping to provide presents for 590 orphans in Russia, India, and Kenya this December and can’t wait to see the children’s faces as they receive their gifts and the attention they crave.

Thank you for bringing Christmas joy to orphans just like Briton.

Believing in miracles,

 April Jurgensen

Founder/Executive Director

The Boaz Project, Inc.