Imagine just for a moment that you are an orphan, grieving the loss of your parents, trying to fend for yourself, and feeling abandoned.

Now imagine your struggles compounded by the fact that your culture propagates a stigma against you. Many voice—or at least think that—“If your own mother couldn’t love you enough to take care of you, who could?”

Most of our children in Russia, India and Kenya face this very dilemma.

So in addition to meeting orphans’ physical and spiritual needs, it’s our goal to help them defy the expectations of their culture and prove that all children are valuable, worthy and capable. 

Education is key to this endeavor. 

That’s why I’m so proud today to tell you about Kennedy of El Shaddai Childrens’ Center in Limuru, Kenya.

When Kennedy was only a few years old and his sister was an infant, his father abandoned the young family. Kennedy’s mother, who had already adopted a morally reckless lifestyle, was destitute and attempted to drink away her pain. She went on to have two more children.

While living in the Misiri Slums of Limuru, Kennedy’s mother routinely abandoned her children to go drink. The children often endured days without food, and they were in and out of school.

Kennedy eventually left for the streets.

At the age of nine, he was brought to El Shaddai, where he was given spiritual guidance, moral support and love. Despite his rough early childhood, Kennedy became a pleasant, obedient young man who worked hard at school. I mean, he worked very hard.

So hard, that when he took his college entrance exam, Kennedy accomplished what only 2% of all Kenyans can do. He was granted admission to a university!

Can you believe that? Many Kenyans cannot. 

Today, Kennedy is in his fourth year of computer science studies at Kabarak University, a Christian institution. And every day, he is challenging the myth that orphans are somehow less capable than most.

But there are so many other children who just need to be given the opportunity to succeed!

Your gift of just $575 will cover a child’s tuition for a child for an entire year and help him reach his full potential! Or your gift of $78 would provide her school supplies and textbooks. A gift of any amount will be combined with others to bring a life-changing education to a vulnerable child.

Please help children like Kennedy rise above their circumstances and reach the potential God instilled in them by making your year-end donation here.


Believing in miracles,
April Jurgensen
Founder/Executive Director
The Boaz Project, Inc.


P.S.—In order for your crucial gift offering an education to a child like Kennedy to be deductible on your 2020 taxes, we must receive it by midnight, Dec. 31st EST.

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  1. Rachel

    WOW! That is so inspiring!! What a joy to see God at work in this young man’s life!


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