Morong, one of our Indian house parents, is no stranger to many of the struggles the children in his care have faced in their short lives. 

He was born into a very poor family in a remote village in Northeast India. Morong’s family based their livelihood on making and selling bamboo crafts, such as baskets and winnowing fans. 

Despite the hardships and poverty they faced, Morong’s parents, being converted Christians, committed to teaching their children the truth of God’s Word and His deep love for them.

They also committed to sending their children to school, even though it was more than 70 kilometers from their village. Throughout school, Morong’s family continued to struggle financially, making it difficult for them to obtain uniforms and to keep up with monthly school fees. This impacted home life, as food was scarce and shelter wasn’t stable.

Still, his parents persevered and sought to give their children a full life and education.

Because of his life experience, Morong knows what it means to be vulnerable. However, he was given the gift of parents who loved the Lord and remained dedicated to caring for Morong and his siblings.

Morong recognized that many children around him did not have the same security and opportunities. He made a decision to become a consistent caregiver to the orphans and vulnerable children in his community who long for love and family.

Morong and his wife, Sendmi, have committed to caring for Indian orphans by welcoming them into their home and raising them as their own, as Morong’s parents faithfully modeled in his childhood.

When you support The Boaz Project, you are enabling parents like Morong and Sendmi to continue to change the lives of orphans in their community.


Living in His light,
Courtney Kraus
Director of Kenya Ministries





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