Gift delivery in Russia

The Boaz Project ended 2018 with a trip to Vladimir, Russia to visit the orphanages, share the Christmas story, spend time with the children, and, of course, deliver Christmas gifts!

The team started the week by shopping for gifts after arriving in Russia, an experience in and of itself. Many shopping carts were filled to the point of almost overflowing with gifts of: shampoo, soap, pencils, notebooks, teddy bears, toy cars, and painting kits. While shopping was fun, it was only the beginning. Once back at the hotel, hours were spent sorting through and making sure each child had a gift containing items that were personal, practical, and fun.

The rest of the week the team traveled to four orphanages and was able to get to know some of the children, deliver the gifts, and tell of the greatest Gift of all.

All week new friendships formed between the team and all those they came in contact with, while existing relationships between many were strengthened. Along with new relationships, new experiences were being had. For some team members it was their first time flying on a plane, leaving the country, and traveling to Russia! Talk about following God’s prompting.

For both new trip-takers and seasoned veterans, all were reminded of the importance of caring for the orphan. God used this trip to teach everyone something about Himself and His care for the least of these.

Overall, the December trip to Russia was a great way to end the year. It reminded all of the plight of the orphan and focused hearts before the holiday season. This trip gave Christmas a deeper meaning and many had a new appreciation for the gifts that they would be receiving. All team members would highly encourage you to take a Christmas trip with The Boaz Project.

If you are interested in experiencing a trip like this one, please visit:

Travel Not Required

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Ashwini and Rakshitha in their uniforms


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