May 10, 2022

Core Value: National Leadership

The man from whom the demons had gone out begged to go with him, but Jesus sent him away, saying, “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him.

Luke 8:38-39 (NIV)

Imagine the scene: Jesus and his posse of disciples still have wet feet, they’ve so recently pulled ashore in Gerasenes. Suddenly, a naked, demon-possessed man appears and begins yelling at Jesus.

Now, this dude was obviously not your typical guy. Despite the locals’ attempts to detain him—chaining him hand and foot and assigning guards to watch over him—he manages to escape, tear off his clothes and live in tombs. 

Yes, tombs. As in, with dead, smelly bodies.

You know how the story goes…Jesus commands the demons—a legion of them—to leave the man and go instead into some pigs. The pigs turn into a squealy mob and jump off a cliff into the water below and drown. 

By the time the amazed onlookers peel their eyes away from the noisy, failed pork venture, the man is sitting at Jesus’ feet. Calmly. Dressed. Chill.

Now the rest of the townspeople get freaked out and tell Jesus to leave. So, obligingly, Jesus heads back to the boat. The man He delivered from demon possession begs to go with Him.

But Jesus turns to him and says, ““Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” 

Wait. Go home? Why?

This man had a life-changing experience that clearly made him among the most devoted of devotees. He surely would have followed Jesus anywhere! But the Lord sent him home.

Well, He didn’t just send him home. He sent him home to tell how much God had done for him.

You see, this guy had a bit of a reputation in Gerasenes. I mean, certainly there had been town hall meetings to discuss potential means of controlling him, shifts for the guards they all pitched in to hire, search parties after escapes.

Only they could know the real transformation that had taken place that day. 

Sure, he could cross the lake to Galilee with Jesus and tell folks there. But they had never smelled him. They hadn’t heard his wild screams or seen him running naked. They may be tempted to think this side show with Jesus was an act for hire.

But not in Gerasenes. They knew the deal. They knew this man was one of their own, delivered.

This is the same reason we at The Boaz Project believe in partnering with nationals to minister to orphans. Their communities can see that caring for children is not accomplished unto a “foreign god.” It is not done according to strange customs or in an unfamiliar language. 

This selfless, lavish love for orphans is demonstrated by one of their own, delivered. 

As you pray for The Boaz Project this month, please consider the following requests:

  • Thank God for our national partners who tirelessly live out orphan care. Pray He would sustain them with strength and bless them for the sacrifices they so faithfully make.
  • Please remember our new friends in Ukraine as the trauma of war compounds with each new day. They are facing a lack of supplies, communicable disease, loss of loved ones, and fear. Ask God to keep their faith strong as they continue to serve orphans and others in the midst of desperation. 
  • Please pray that our partners at House of Joy in India will find the best land on which to build their permanent home. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, the cost of the land has been completely funded!
  • Pray for Sathya, a young girl from India, that her mother will have a change of heart and allow her to remain at our partner home and finish her education, rather than being married underage. Please also pray for peace for all of the girls at Comeback Home and their caregivers as they await the completion of their new building.
  • Pray for Nastya, our Vladimir, Russia Coordinator, as she discusses a new orphanage partnership. Pray that we will be able to provide Christ’s love to the children living in this orphanage who so desperately need to know they are loved.

Believing in miracles,

April Jurgensen

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  1. Maggie Cripe says:

    I loved the connection between Jesus instructing the man to stay where he lives and domestic caregivers knowing how to love their children best. It is a humbling reminder that these caregivers have been called and our capable of loving their children, they may just be in need of funds and resources.

  2. Patti Rubino says:

    This is what makes The Boaz Project different from other organizations – keeping the culture and the credit to the national leaders. Creating curriculum consistent with the culture.

  3. Mitul Patel says:

    Hopefully everything going on with Russia and Ukraine will resolved soon

  4. Karyl says:

    From the beginning, The Boaz Project has carefully considered that the best way to help the orphans is within the context of their own culture and with people from their own community who know the language and invest in the care of these dear children for the long term. I have seen the impact of this core value in every partnership Boaz has.

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