December 17, 2018

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Bindhu and Ambika, girls with a soft smiles and bright eyes, began their life in rural India with three older sisters, their mother, and their father. Tragically, Bindhu and Ambika’s father died when they were only two and four years old.

Their mother, an uneducated worker, could not take care of all six girls. She took the eldest two daughters to work on a farm and sent Bindhu and Ambika to live with their aunt, where they were beaten and often went to bed hungry.

By God’s grace, a pastor who was ministering in the area heard of the girls’ mistreatment and took them to Comeback Children’s Home. Bindhu and Ambika were very happy for their new home. Bindhu and Ambika are now in a safe environment, eating well, and learning that Jesus loves them.

Bindhu and Ambika’s lives were negatively affected by of the lack of education.

As a friend of The Boaz Project, you have heard how a children’s life has been affected by AIDS/HIV and poverty. The lack of education negatively affects an overwhelming amount of children.

As the year comes to an end, we are working toward the goal of providing an education for each child in our Indian and Kenyan homes. I am writing to ask you to join me in this large, but important task because by providing a child with an education we are making a positive impact on their futures.

Bindhu and Ambika are now receiving an education that will change their future for the better and help them in achieving their dreams. Not only are they changing their futures but they’re beating the statistics. It is said that, “In rural areas throughout India, 17.3% of girls do not attend school.”*

The average cost of educating an Indian or Kenyan child for one year is $570, but it can change their life and even the trajectory of their families forever.

Bindhu and Ambika know the powerful effects of the lack of education. They work hard to make sure that it doesn’t affect their futures. They are bright girls with bright futures. Bindhu dreams of being a teacher and Ambika wants to be a lawyer.

Will you join me this year in impacting an orphan’s future and making their dreams come true with the gift of education?

So please demonstrate kindness to orphans once again by making a generous donation today. They’re ready—eager, even—to do the hard work. They just need your helping hand. You can help orphans reach their dreams of an education by going to:

Monitor the goal of sending 113 orphans to school HERE

Thank you for demonstrating your compassion in such a tangible way!

Believing in miracles,

April Jurgensen

Founder/Executive Director

The Boaz Project, Inc.

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