Around the world, the majority of children who graduate from orphanage systems turn to prostitution within the first six months. It’s a tragic statistic, and one that we have the power to change.

I don’t believe any child grows up wanting to be sold on a nightly basis. But orphans, who have already suffered the loss of a nurturing family, are confronted with numerous hurdles as they strive to survive, let alone build a future for themselves. Most just don’t have an alternative way to provide for themselves; they lack marketable skills. 

One of the most potent tools for breaking the cycle of vulnerability and despair is education. That is why The Boaz Project tirelessly champions a quality education for the children in our partner homes, ensuring they have school tuition, fees, and uniforms.

Education is a key that unlocks doors of opportunity and empowers orphans to transcend their circumstances, enabling them to provide for themselves. Through academics, they gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to pursue their dreams, find stable employment, and contribute to their communities.

Education also helps orphans rise above the cycle of intergenerational poverty. When orphans attend a quality school, they are better equipped to secure stable employment, earn a sustainable income, and provide for their own families in the future. This creates a ripple effect that extends beyond individual lives and fosters a cycle of progress.

The Boaz Project understands that education is not limited to academic pursuits. It encompasses holistic development, nurturing emotional, social, and psychological well-being. Through education, children learn essential life skills, values, and ethical principles that guide them toward becoming responsible and compassionate citizens. As they gain knowledge and experience success, their confidence grows, enabling them to confront adversity with resilience and determination.

The Boaz Project’s work serves as a testament to the transformative power of education in the lives of orphans. We have seen a generation of children defy the statistics to become teachers, pastors, IT workers, businessmen, and more! By providing tuition, supplies, and uniforms, their trajectory was changed.

Through education, you, The Boaz Project family, extend a lifeline to orphans, offering them opportunities that can alter the trajectory of their lives. It enables them to become self-sufficient and helps them overcome the cycle of poverty. It instills a sense of purpose and self-worth, helping them overcome the challenges they face.

May every orphan have the opportunity to attend school, so they can rise above adversity, pursue their dreams, and contribute to building God’s kingdom.

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