megan blog dogIf you have ever seen a newborn puppy, then you know that it is pretty much the cutest thing in the entire world!  When I saw Samuel, a spotted brown and white newborn puppy, my heart melted.  I don’t care if you are a world champ wrestler, something inside of you says, “AWWW!” when you see a newborn puppy and hear his little whimpers when he is taken away from his mom.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of the cuteness!  Neither could several of the girls.  As Bridget, his mom, protected, fed, and bathed Samuel, I couldn’t help but wonder, what do these girls, who either have no mom and dad or who haven’t see their parents since they’ve been dropped off here, feel about watching a newborn puppy receive more love from his mom than they ever have?   My thoughts were interrupted by Feba.

“My mother, up.” She said as she turned to look me straight in the eye.  She said it with a slight smile because that’s just Feba.  She has an unexplainable joy deep down inside of her. But even if she had said the words in the Tamil, the local language, you couldn’t miss the pain in her voice. “Heaven.  Dead.” She continued explaining as she wrapped her arms around me as tight as she possibly could.

megan blog febaFeba’s mother died while giving birth to her and her father ran away before she was even born.  Her maternal grandmother brought her to Daya Vihar when she was 55 days old. Not a single family member has visited her since.

How can your heart not break?  But then what are you supposed to do with that heartbreak? 

She needs a family.  She needs a mom and a dad. All of these girls need families! If a cute little puppy needs a mommy, then surely so do defenseless and innocent little girls.

But I can’t advocate for their adoption. My intention for writing this post cannot be to find Feba and the rest of these girls’ forever families.


Because they are unadoptable. And I have little say in helping them become adoptable.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure where to go from here or what to do.  I have been in contact with adoption agencies, lawyers, and orphan advocates.  Not much has come from my communication. 

This world is broken.

megan blog girlsI look forward to the day when Jesus comes to rescue us.  But until that day comes, I will fight. Will you join me in this fight as we defend the weak and the fatherless (Psalm 82:3a)? Will you pray for miracles?  Will you give financially so that these unadoptable children can be visited and doted on?  Will you spread the word that these children need our prayers?  Will you trust in God’s sovereignty and timing?  Will you visit these children?  Will you consider adopting a child that at least has the blessing of potentially being adopted?

Will you fight for them so that when we finally reach our eternal home, we can rejoice WITH Feba? 

And with other children from Russia like, Kirill, Nastia, Alyosha, Vanya, and Vika?

And with orphans from China, America, Haiti, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Korea, Uganda, and all over the world.  I don’t know about you, but I want a front row seat at seeing fatherless children running into the arms of their Father!