Shrinidhi’s father passed away when she was only 4 years old, leaving her mother in a desperate position. 

Soon after, Shrinidhi’s mother brought her to her grandmother’s home and disappeared.

In her grandmother’s home, this little girl was severely neglected and missed multiple developmental milestones. When her grandmother finally brought her to the Center for Women and Children, she was drastically behind her peers in many areas, including speech.

Now, as part of the Comeback Home family, Shrinidhi is continually progressing and improving. Pastor Christopher and Janani are dedicated to loving her through the brightest days and darkest nights.

Shrinidhi is now in a place where she can play freely, sing loudly, and trust that she will be cared for. 

Most importantly, she is able to hear the truth of the Gospel daily and learn about the God who has never once forgotten her. 

Please join us in praying for Shrinidhi as she continues to adjust to her new home and that she would come to know Jesus more and more each day.

Living in His light,

Courtney Kraus