It was May of 2014 when I was introduced to a humorous, sweet, 13-year-old boy named Abhi. Like most 13 year old boys, Abhi loved playing soccer and games. What caught my attention, though, was that it was not just games he loved. Abhi also loved being meticulous with his crafts, lending a helping hand to those who needed one, and absorbing all the Bible stories.

Abhi’s soul was, and still is, one full of compassion, courage, strength and leadership.

A few weeks ago, I was able to travel back to India and meet with Abhi once again. Abhi and I have become well acquainted over the years. He is a bright, smiley face that I look forward to being reunited with year after year.

I watched this boy whom I have known for years transform into a great spiritual leader. While this transformation has been happening over the years, the short time I was with him I was able to witness the magnitude of his potential.

Abhi, who has been in the home for years, is no stranger to The Boaz Project and the teams that visit. He sets an example for the younger and new children in the home. His excitement and warmth set the tone for the other children, who watch him lovingly with wide eyes. Younger ones look to him for guidance, as he is a constant and highly trusted. In times where there is a lack of understanding, Abhi navigates the waters of translation and communication beautifully.

Building and maintaining a relationship with Abhi as he grows and taps into his potential has been a great privilege. It’s how I know that the work that The Boaz Project is doing is making a difference. Abhi is not just surviving, he is thriving. He has become an adult (now age 20) who is educated, who gives back to his community, but most importantly loves Christ.

Thank you for being a support of The Boaz Project and making a difference in the life of Abhi.

“Doing small things with great love,”
Taylor Pennycuff
Staff Writer
The Boaz Project, Inc.


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