When asked why she and her sister, Lera, were at the orphanage while another sister remained at home, Dasha replied, “Because one day I went to my mother’s dressing table and played with her lipstick. She got very angry and told me she was going to take me to the orphanage. Then she did.”

Though their true story includes alcoholic parents, intervention of the State, and an abusive environment, Dasha is convinced that she and Lera were given up because of their bad behavior.

For most orphans like Dasha, the holidays are full of loneliness, sadness and longing. It’s a reminder of another year gone by without a loving home or family.

But this Christmas, you can help a child unwrap hope!

Your $30 donation will provide a hand-delivered Christmas gift that communicates love to a child like Dasha, and we have seen first-hand the difference this gift can make.

Simply donate here.

Thank you in advance for helping a child feel loved at Christmas!




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