We are very thankful for your love and care while we were at the house parent training.

I thank you and the Boaz team for bringing a training program to Bangalore. It’s a great privilege for us. Through this training we learned how to do what’s best for our children.  The time to share our pains and happiness encouraged us and gave us more hope.

We had a great time as a family with all the homes together.

Thank you.

With blessings,

Pastor Christopher & Janani

Comeback Children’s Home

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You Inspire and Equip House Parents in India

As you know, our mission is to “inspire and equip leaders around the globe to care for orphans in their own communities.”

A crucial piece of this calling is house parent training.

These sessions provide a respite for our house parents, who often go years without time away from the children in their care. It offers them fellowship and encouragement, as well as practical tools for raising children from traumatic backgrounds.

In October, we plan to do it all again. We hope to bring caregivers from all seven of our Indian children’s homes together to share more techniques for dealing with trauma and time in prayer.

You can underwrite a portion of a house parent’s expenses, giving him or her refreshment and practical information over the course of the four-day training conference.

By donating $45, you can cover either transportation or food costs for an attendee.

$140 provides either hotel costs or qualified care for the children in the house parents’ absence.

$370 completely underwrites one participant’s total costs, as well as care for the children while they’re gone!

Make a donation here.