For most people, the thought of India conjures images of bright silk saris, the scent of curry, and the sounds of busy streets. It is a land known for its exotic blend of Asian and British influences, major world religions, and masterful architecture. But few realize this flavorful country is home to more AIDS orphans than any other country in the world. Because the government in India does not have a system set up to care for it’s 30 million orphans, the needs are great.


Because the Indian government does not provide for its orphans, many children are left to the streets or sold to the highest bidder.


The Boaz Project partners with Indian Christians who welcome the orphaned into their homes. By helping provide necessities like food and education, the ministry encourages these house parents and enables them to take even more children in off the streets.  Instead, the children are raised in loving homes where Christ is known.


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Vacation Bible School

Join us on a trip to encourage caregivers and orphans, and conduct Vacation Bible School in Bangalore, India. You will get a crash course in Indian culture, experience many once-in-a-lifetime moments, and use your God-given gifts to encourage & love countless children!

Pray for India

• Ask God to protect the health and safety of each orphan The Boaz Project serves. May they grow in stature, in wisdom and in favor with God and man (as Jesus did according to Luke 2:52).

• Plead with God on behalf of caregivers who face burnout, financial strain and the effects of the trauma the children in their care have experienced. May they obtain the Lord’s blessing, strength and resources for the work they do.