The Covid-19 pandemic has created chaos and desperation around the globe, but your intervention through prayer and giving has brought hope to many. We thought you’d like to hear directly from our partners, so we pulled these quotes from their correspondence with us or the live streams we held. Be blessed, knowing you’ve made an impact.

“Our hearts are full of thanks for all the donors for their wonderful concern towards our country & our home.”

Pastor Christopher of Comeback Children’s Home, on receiving a computer, projector, speaker, desks, chairs, and a filing cabinet in order for the children in his home to have access to distance learning. They have been grateful for increased support to cover increased grocery prices as well as a fumigator and supplies the government requires them to have, like hand sanitizer, bleach, thermometers, etc.

You provided support for the boys to be hosted in other homes in order to comply with social distancing requirements, but hopefully, the will be able to return to Comeback Children’s Home soon.



“First, we are thankful to God and then to the Boaz team. We are thankful to donors, especially in this time when there are so many children on the street. With so many out of work, there are more children on the street.”

-Pastor James
Bethany Blessing Children’s Home

Because his church is not currently able to meet and give offerings, Pastor James has no way to pay utility bills. Your generous support has covered those in addition to his regular monthly assistance and an increased allotment for grocery price hikes.


In tears, Christy from House of Joy said, “Thanks to your prayers, God is giving us strength.” Joseph, Christy, and the girls from House of Joy have been secluded in their home for more than fifty days, unable to go outside, even on their own property. They must order groceries to be delivered, but it takes several days, and meat is not available.

The home has been praying around the clock, with each member of the “family” taking half hour blocks at a time.




“Warm greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are thankful to God and to you for the support you have extended for the orphans at our children’s home in Puliangudi. The Lord has been so grateful to us thus far. 

May God abundantly reward your efforts for the furtherance of the kingdom of God. Our boys love to pray for the ministry you are doing.”

Bethel House

For two months now, Philip’s village has been under police control. If anyone is caught stepping outside of their home—even onto their own property—they will be beaten.

Philip made arrangements for the boys from his home to be placed in host homes in a neighboring village. Though he is required to pay these homes, he is hoping that they will reduce the boys’ fear and anxiety. Philip visits them to spend time in prayer. They include you, the donors who are providing their needs, in those prayers.

You have provided the fees for these boys to be hosted in a safer village.

“Thank you for your extra support at this time, as grocery prices have become so high. Not only that, but your encouragement and advice are also a blessing for us…We thank God for Boaz being the backbone of our ministry… We don’t know the names of all the donors, but still we pray for them.”

Pastor Tonglen
Agape Fellowship Home

Pastor Tonglen has been the object of racial discrimination because he is from India’s northeast and looks more Chinese than Indian. Some stores have refused to sell to him and friends have denied knowing him.

You have provided an increased budget and some necessities—like a refrigerator—to help them during this pandemic.

“Without Boaz, our children would not survive (this pandemic). I can boldly say that without the help of The Boaz Project, my children would be struggling. They would be starving.”

Jireh Children’s Home

Morong was visiting his home state in India’s northeast when the quarantine began and has been unable to return to Jireh. His wife has been caring for the children on her own.



“Many thanks for your compassionate and  undivided  concern for us. Many thanks to all The Boaz Project team.  How true it is that God mobilizes His networks in order to address the needs of His children.

Once again, accept our deepest appreciation and please extend the same to all your donors.”

Rev. Lydia
El Shaddai Children’s Center

You helped provide computers and a printer so the boys of El Shaddai can tackle distance learning. It wasn’t possible for boys of all grade levels to stream simultaneously to the one television they had. Also, you have provided El Shaddai with increased support due to increased prices and older boys returning to the home from college or secondary boarding schools.


“No one is permitted to go to the orphanages, but I still stay in contact with the directors and they send us pictures. At one of the orphanages, our volunteers are using Zoom to talk with the children.”

Boaz administrator for four orphanages
Vladimir, Russia

While Russia remains quarantined, our partners there continue to interact with the children via Zoom and social media.

You have provided additional computers in order for the children to do distance learning.


“Thank you for your concern for us, support and prayers. We thank God for everything!”

Sergei Zaozersky
oster Dad
Russian Christian Foster Home

The Zaozersky family has remained under quarantine, keeping the children home from school, church, and meetings with friends. In order to fill the time, they’ve found creative outlets like sculpting with clay, drawing pictures, and playing board games. They’re thankful for the home we’ve provided, which has a yard to play in.


“The head of the children’s hospital (where they care for abandoned babies) contacted me, crying and saying they really are in desperate need of help. They needed diapers and hygiene products …I bought everything they needed and drove it there.”

Khabarovsk, Russia

Anna manages The Boaz Project’s work in several orphanages. While volunteers are not currently permitted to go to the institutions due to quarantine, she testifies that help is needed greatly.



If you would like to continue supporting those caring for orphans during these desperate times, go to our Urgent Need page

Believing in miracles,
April Jurgensen




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