One of nine siblings, Illya is a first grade boy who resides in one of our partner orphanages in Russia. Though Illya, his four sisters, and one brother are part of the orphanage system, they are said to bring an atmosphere of joy into what can be a dark environment.

Illya has a joyful spirit and desires to be actively involved in games or making crafts. He loves hugs and often relies on the encouragement of loving adults to inspire him to do things on his own. He is learning to be confident in his abilities, but still looks for extra support. 

Through interactions with The Boaz Project’s team of local Christian volunteers, Illya learns about the love of Jesus and the sacrifice that was made for him on the cross. As he continues to grow, we pray he will grow in confidence based on his identity in Christ.

Please pray for Illya as he learns to cope with his studies and faces challenges among peers in school. Above all, pray that he may make Jesus his foundation and rely on Him in all circumstances.


  1. Yana Dranov

    there are no adoptions allowed anymore from Russia to the US, correct? what can you do to help?

    • April Jurgensen

      Thank you for asking, Yana!

      You are correct that Americans cannot adopt from Russia.

      In all of the countries where we work, we partner with those who live in the communities where the children are living. That way, they (in this case, our Russian partners) know the language and the culture. With our support and training, they go into the orphanages or serve as foster families.


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