Welcome to our newest home, Jireh Home! The Boaz Project and Jireh Home came together in 2018 to form a beautiful partnership. Because this is rather new, we know that many have not had the privilege to meet the very special kids that live there. Today, we are excited to introduce you to two of them, please meet: Jackson and Maikal.

Jackson, age 14, is a careful, studious boy with great artistic abilities. His younger brother Maikal, age 13, balances him with a very outgoing, sarcastic, and playful personality.

Jackson and Maikal were born into an impoverished and unstable household. Their parents dealt with marital issues along with the inability to provide an education for their two sons. Jackson and Maikal were brought to Jireh Home.

At Jireh Home, the boys flourish. They attend school and come home to explore their hobbies. Jackson loves to paint and draw, and even enjoys futbol (soccer). Maikal is all play. Outside of school work, he loves to run and play futbol.

The boys have adapted well to living with a few other siblings and know that Jireh is home for them.

They have begun to dream about their future. Jackson, a leader, wants to be a police officer, while Maikal dreams of using his love for futbol to become a professional.

By partnering with The Boaz Project, you have joined in supporting Jackson and Maikal along with many children just like them. These children are now living in places where healing and great growth take place. We here at The Boaz Project look forward to sharing more stories of these young men’s success and more stories about the children we serve.

Thank you for being a friend to the orphan.

“Doing small things with great love,”
Taylor Pennycuff
Staff Writer
The Boaz Project, Inc.


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