With her husband constantly deployed on Army missions, Leeza’s mother just couldn’t handle parenting on her own. So, Leeza was left at a state-run orphanage in Russia. Sometimes her grandmother visits her or even brings her home for a weekend, but then it’s back to the orphanage.

Like many children in Russia, Leeza is stuck in the system—unable to be adopted, yet unwanted by family. This type of part-time parenting and part-time institutionalization is very detrimental to the development of children. This is why The Boaz Project is committed to strengthening at-risk families and foster families there.

Thankfully, Leeza knows she is loved and her true Father is watching over her because The Boaz Project’s team of local Christians visits her throughout the week just to tell her so!

Please pray that Leeza and other children like her are forever changed by the Word of God as she attends our Bible Discovery Classes.

Believing in Miracles,


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